Live Birth Photography

I would love to become a live birth photographer. I know there are all hours of the night you work and have to be held down but I think it is something I would absolutely love! I don't think it is wise to schedule a birth and a wedding within the same month so here are the months I have available June, July, August, September and November. That is 5 births for the rest of this year. December is iffy since we have a trip booked during the week of Christmas. Since this is a new area to me and I want to squeeze in the room with the rest of your family for an intimate moment I will do these 5 sessions at a discount to hopefully become this area's birth photographer.

I want to be able to show the emotion of this beautiful experience to you. Here is one of my inspirations The Birth Experience and make sure you go to the slideshows and oh yeah have some tissue ready cause your gonna sqawl!

If your interested please contact me to set up a small consult and we can talk about your wookies arrival and what to expect.

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