Vacation...But Not Really

As most of you know my hubby is from the Natural State...I think they shouldve called it the Confusion State because I am lost every time we go. We are packing up and heading that way in July and I would love to book some appointments while I am there. Vacation, smacation.

First stop will be Mabelvale and then on to Heber Springs. My oldest daughter and I are determined to hike up Pinnacle Mountain while there so you may start prayer now...its been a while since I have hiked and Christmas dinner is still lingering around the waistline!

I am not from that area so any suggestions on locations I am open to. I do know of boat ramp in Heber Springs that is awesome I would love to do some sunset pictures at if anyone is interested in it. I cant tell you how to get there until I am there though! Sad I know but I can get you there.

If interested in pre-booking your appointment please contact me asap at or give me a ring a ding at 731.234.1390. Oh yeah and tell me what all there is to do! And dont say dig for diamonds...It will be July and last time I ended up with a mega sunburn and a bucket full of rocks for my little one.

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